2017 Triumph Street Scrambler

Triumph Street Scrambler

A motorcycle to change opinions

First off if you have not read the about us page here, then you should know that I ride all year round. When I do, I commute on my bike and hit the country roads for that Sunday fun ride, as well as try to get some touring in. With that said when I get on a bike, there are certain traits I look for. The first being comfort! No matter who you are or how you ride everyone will like a little comfort. Even those that are initially overwhelmed by the speed and power of their super sport will turn to comfort eventually (shake your heads as much as you like). So when I ride a new bike it has some shoes to fill, comfort, economy, power and the fun factor. Yes of course I need to like the looks, but i find that I can always find likes and dislikes about a bike's design, so as long as I like more than dislike then that is a good thing.


A triumph Street scrambler! This is not a bike that was designed to be a commuter, nor sports bike (by any means) nor a touring bike. It was however designed to take those brave enough back to a time where roads were few and made of gravel, dirt and mud. It is a bike that can go off road but not really what is was built for. It is more like a statement “I can do it if I want, but I don’t need to”.

Now I could talk about its 54Bhp from a 900cc Liquid cooled, 8 valve, SOHC, 270° crank angle parallel twin engine, but that's not what you want to know. That you can google, or find on the Triumph’s web page.

Is it a bike for me? That is the question we are all wondering. First off, if you are considering this bike then you are the sort of person that likes the whole scrambler look and why wouldn’t you? This bike is a very good looking bike. As soon as you lay eyes on it, its simplicity seems like a complicated beauty. That 270° crank angle parallel twin engine with the twin exhaust coming out of the side high and long along the bike makes it look mean and sexy. That simple dash with the retro head light is all so simply beautiful you could be fooled. However don’t be fooled by its simplicity, as it comes with a good selection of modern day technology. From ride-by-wire (Triumph's way of saying electronically controlled throttle), ABS that you can turn on/off as you please, a rear LED light, torque controlled clutch and traction control that can also be turned on and off via the digital menu, and of course a USB charger for your phone. Leaving the technology, how is it to ride?

It hosts a riding position that has been described by other riders I have spoken to as “like being sat in an arm chair/sofa” and I have to agree. It is very comfy, an upright position where your knees and legs are not in any strange bent position, rather a very natural comfy sitting position. It has the power and pick up to make you smile, as you twist that throttle and a sound that will excite you. It handles well, turns and brakes well enough to keep most any riders happy and with the ability to go off road (to a certain extent) it should keep most riders content with just the one bike. Its lack of wind protection of any sort is noticed above 60 kph (40 mph), I began to feel like a parachute on the bike. Though this is not a bike you will be racing down the motorway, but rather one you could take a nice easy country road spin on.

With so many positives, it's hard to come to the negatives. Though there are some, and with that we will begin with the most obvious one. The side exhausts, they are as uncomfortable and odd as they look. I constantly felt like my leg was sat wrong or that the pipes were in the wrong place, as well as them getting warm and warming my leg (which filled me with concern) though it never got too hot. The dash feels like they tried to put a lot into it using the least amount of space. Now I have 2 children so I know what it looks like to want more and lack the space for it, this is one of those times i felt like there was no need for the menu it had. A fuel gauge is great, but not needed on this bike in my opinion and all the trip options, ABS options and traction control well started to feel like the bike was trying to be something its shouldn’t be.

All in all this is a bike I would actually consider buying tomorrow. Its comfortable it feels strong and stable ,and it will make you smile as well as turn heads. As for price and running costs they will differ depending on where you are and what you use it for. But don’t expect a cheap bike that will return great k/l (mpg). This is a bike to be enjoyed.
Either way I would always recommend test riding the bike and speaking to your local dealer about any deals you could possibly get.

If you want to find out if this or another bike is for you then contact me.