2017 Triumph Tiger Sport 1050

Triumph Tiger Sport 1050

The Triumph Tiger Sport 1050 is an adventure bike for the not so adventurous person, like me. Now what I mean by that is simply that, yes it can do pretty much anything that the other adventure bikes can do and do them well, but it shines the most on the road. With a comfort that is like nothing I have ever tried before and an ease of ride that will allow you to ride and forget. Now lets start with the technical stuff that matters:
  • Liquid-cooled, 12 valve, DOHC, in-line 3-cylinder engine 
  • Max power: 126 PS (93 kW) @ 9,475 rpm (118bhp)
  • Max torque: 106 Nm @ 7,000 rpm
Now there is a lot more technical information. For those deeply interested, you can find it all on Triumph's website.  Why have I chosen these stats to share and not the others? Simply because these are the ones I believe to be the most relevant to those going to ride it. (I don't think anyone reading my reviews are professionals (If you are then great), I understand that those that come to read my reviews are the average person that has a passion for riding. Which is why I have tailored my reviews the way I have)   So moving on, the engine is smooth and powerful, it will happily sit and cruise at slow and low speeds. When you need to overtake it will power up and pass the vehicle you are trying to get pass. I found the bike very easy to ride, almost too easy and very, very comfortable to which end I almost forgot I was on the bike, and forgot the time. I could feel that the bike had the power and the torque to take me up the steepest of mountains if I so wished. The heated grips (optional, built in), was a very nice touch especially as it was a chilly day to test ride and wet. Though my gripe with that, is it only had one setting; high or off. It would have been nice to have perhaps a 3 point setting on it like low, medium, high heat. Which I have on my own bike that I ride on a daily basis. The dash is nice, and clearly visible in all lights and the seat height is perfect even for a short guy little like me.  
Tiger 1050
This bike you could pack up tall and ride the alps in absolute comfort.  For those with deep pockets you can get kitted out with all the Triumph Tiger Sport 1050 Accessories, from exhaust silencer to GPS holder. Though the accessories for this bike are few (from Triumph), but they all have a purpose and make sense, so well done to Triumph for only offering us useful stuff. I keep coming back to my height (this is not me with a complex, it is just important); the Tiger Sport has one feature I love: The adjustable screen, for those taller (pretty much everyone) you can easily slide it up to deflect wind off you. For myself, I can lower it right down to give me full view of the road ahead.    The bike boasts a 5,2l/100km (54 mpg) fuel consumption which is nice, though I don't see that being achieved riding up the side of the Mont Blanc. The Tiger sport is easy to turn and throw around, especially for a bike weighing in at 218 kg dry and with a 20 ltr fuel tank, it holds its ground with confidence and doesn't make you feel nervous. In fact, as I said earlier I forgot I was riding. I would not recommend this bike for city riding, but if you commute to work or where ever, then you should most certainly consider this motorcycle.  This Triumph Tiger Sport has a price tag on it that is going to put off a lot of people, but I say don't be. You get an amazing bike for the price and quality always costs more. For more information on whether this bike is for you contact me.