Bonneville T100 Black

Based on the '59 Bonneville this Triumph will either leave you in awe or disregard. For me the bike was a disappointment, I am sorry Triumph, I normally love you, but this time I think you made a boo boo. The T100 does not look like anything special, nor does it boast anything of an impressive nature. What it does have is an amazing sound, I mean just the noise from this bike will leave you smiling.  I have always found it hard to see the appeal of a classic style bike in modern day riding, I mean when there are so many better, cheaper and more practical options out there for the rider. Now I realize that it's a bit like kids and toys at school. The cool kid has one so everyone follows suit. This is yet another adult version of kids trying to impress everyone else. 

I took this bike out on to the road in the wet, then was lucky enough to have the sun join me for the ride. Unfortunately, that did not improve my feeling of this bike. When I left the garage the sound that was being made from the bike was by no means anything short of incredible. I believed that the 900 cc Liquid cooled, 8 valve, SOHC, 270° crank angle parallel twin engine that was producing that amazing sound, would produce something else that would just keep adding to that astonishing sound. IT DIDN'T........ I was let down with this one.

I know that Triumph were trying to keep to the original styling and riding experience all the way with this one, and I can respect that. Though I am confused to why add all this fancy technology to it:


Courtesy Triumph UK

ABS, has its safety reason, but adds to the price and removes the bike's authenticity. Ride-by-wire, Switchable Traction Control, Torque assist clutch, USB charging point and the LED rear light were all not necessary for this bike, in anyway. In fact I think if you remove all the tech and put the bike back to what it really should be (an engine with 2 wheels attached) then the bike would be a lot more fun and cheaper to own, as well as a better and more authentic bike.  

Let's consider the things I do like; The dual clocks, they look so nice and light very nicely in the dark. Though when the sun is shining at the right angle, which seemed to be all the time I was riding the T100, it gives off a blinding glare. The sound is simply Awesome. The general looks are nice, simple and pleasant, and the bike is comfortable.  Unfortunately that is it, that is all I like about the bike.

For me there is no practicality about this bike, except for the ridiculous fuel economy which it can boast 3.83l/100km (74mpg). Meaning the 14,5ltr tank will take you 378 km (236 miles). Now that's impressive, unfortunately you will never be on the bike long enough to enjoy a range like that, as it's not a tourer, nor a city bike (not by today's standards anyways). That leaves me thinking what this bike is good for; a ride to the local meet up, just to look cool, a nice Sunday ride in the country with the beautiful weather or just the ability of making an awesome sound.  

You would certainly look and sound cool if you were to turn up to a meet up on this, and if that feeling is enough to keep you loving your bike then this is a bike for you. If however you're looking for something with practicality and perhaps a little fun, then this is not the bike for you. 

I am sorry Triumph I love you still, but on this one you broke my heart. 

For more information or to find out if this is a bike for you contact me.