2017 Peugeot 5008 SUV

2017 Peugeot 5008 SUV

The car

This 2017 Peugeot 5008 SUV is the newest version of their 5008 car, an SUV that competes against the likes of the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso and Hyundai Santa Fe. The model range starts with the Access 1.2 Petrol e-THP (the new pure tech engine) with 130 bhp, and goes up the 2.0 Diesel Blue HDI GT version pumping out 180 bhp. With 4 models for each fuel type, you can chose from the Access, Active, Allure and GT, all with the option of a manual or automatic gear box.

The model I tested, was the 1,6 Diesel Blue HDI 120 bhp Allure model. A quick run down of the extras in this car were; 19" alloys and tyres, automatic lights, automatic windscreen wipers, parking sensors front and rear, HID lights, automatic folding mirrors, GPS, automatic dual climate control, heated seats and front and rear fog lights.    

Starting in the drivers seat, and the first thing you see is the signature steering wheel of Peugeot. It is something that looks odd, yet is actually comfortable to use and responsive. The buttons on the steering wheel control the radio, phone calls, and the on screen menu for the dash board.  Peugeot have gone the way of trying to minimize the consoles and reduce what they call clutter.


They have succeeded in the minimizing of the buttons, leaving 7 buttons in the  middle console to select the different aspects, from radio to climate control.  Though by doing so they have created a more complicated touch screen menu system. Once you select what you want to control using the physical buttons (which you can also do on the touch screen), you then have a multitude of selections on screen. This can take some getting used to, and to start can seem confusing. 

The touch screen is very responsive and quick to complete your selection, which I liked very much. A nice touch is the GPS, you can have it on the main display screen in the middle and/or on the drives dash board as a background. I found this very useful as it is easier to glance down to the dash then across to the screen. 

Something I found annoying is the cruise control/speed limiter stick. It is a separate entity that sticks out below the usual indicator control lever. They have taken the old Renault system and installed that here. I have no idea why, but it is hidden away and impossible to see while driving. This made me reluctant to use it, as I kept pushing the wrong button while trying to feel for the cruise control set button. I would have to say with all the advances Peugeot have made with this car, this is a huge step backwards. Though, with some time you will probably get used to it.


In the canter between the 2 front seats you get a very large box, and with a push of a button 2 flaps lift up separately and opens it. This also doubles as an arm rest when closed. The glove box is basically a joke, you can fit the manual and service book in there and that's about it. Though door space on either side makes up for the lack of glove box size, as they are also large enough to hold pretty much anything.

Attached to the rear of the center storage box, you have 2 air vents with their own power control and a 12v charging socket for the rear seats.  The floor on the rear seats has 2 openings for storage, one on each side. Which is a nice touch, if you plan to keep anything hidden but near to the kids.

The seats are set up the same way as the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso, with a row of 3 individual seats. Each fitted with ISO fix, the ability to slide back and forth and tilt back. Behind a rear set of 2 folding seats (without ISO fix fitted) making this car into a practical 7 seater.

With the last row of seats pulled up and the middle row pulled forward, you have plenty of room for the children to be comfortable. You could if so wished seat a small adult in the last row and they too should be comfortable enough.  With the last row of seats down you gain a boot size that is very large and will fulfill all your carrying needs. If however you are in need of the 7 seats and extra space, the models do come with aluminium roof rails, allowing you to fit a roof box for those long journeys. 

The drive

The first thing you will notice when you jump into this car and drive away, is the enormous bonnet. The car seems large and drives large. What I mean by that is simply, it is a large car and it doesn't try to be small, in fact it tries to be big. You get the feeling of sheer power when you drive, just because of the size. Although it may be large, it does not handle that way, meaning it is not slow and heavy. It has the power when you put your foot down, which makes you sink into your seat. It handles very well, with light and controlled steering that will not leave you second guessing yourself. 

To me the ride was fantastic! So smooth that even down some very bumpy roads I found myself forgetting there were bumps. It held well to the road and could easily power out of a corner without throwing me to the window. The car does all this and still return a 25km/l (40 mpg). 


This car has surprised me, I would go out and buy it tomorrow. It drives great, it is practical, it is fitted with some great technology and even looks decent. That said this wont suit everyone's needs or tastes, but should definitely be on your list if your looking for an SUV.

To find out if this car is for you contact me, or check out the 2017 Peugeot 5008 SUV on Peugeot's website here 




Peugeot 5008
Peugeot 5008
New 2017 Peugeot 5008
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