2017 Honda HR-V

2017 Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V

The Honda HR-V, is described by others as dull. This however can't be further from the truth. You have to remember this is not a sports car, it is a small SUV family car. 

The car

I had the pleasure to drive the 1,5 petrol comfort model, and the 1,6 diesel elegance model. The car in both versions is a nice car to look at. You won't get over excited about the looks, but it's not meant to be exciting. It's meant to be sensible and reliable, and that is exactly what this car is.  As standard, you get the halogen lights with take me home function (they stay on for a while to light your path after you switch off the engine, lock the car and leave it to walk off). You get folding mirrors, 16" alloys and that wonderful hidden door handles on the rear doors (a Honda trait). You also get a large amount of safety features including hill start assist,  active city break, ABS and a whole lot more.


magic seats
Magic seats

You get 2 ISO fix seats on the rear row of seats, and plenty of leg room for everyone. The boot gives you 470 ltr's capacity, which can be extended to 1533 

ltr's with the seats folded down.  Then of course you have the magic seats on the rear row if you need to carry something tall.  The rear windows are nice and large, so the back passengers and children will have a good view of the surroundings. 

The front positions have some very nice comfortable seats, and decent holding spaces in the doors and in between the 2 seats. The steering wheel and front seats have plenty of adjustment, so everyone can find that perfect driving position. 


Though the car is a good practical car, many will want those technological comforts. The Honda HR-V is no stranger to this and comes packed with plenty.

The comfort version (the petrol one, I tested) comes with DAB radio, USB slot, AUX connection, cruise control, speed limiter, climate control, blue tooth connectivity, and a board computer that shows everything from which door is open to how many KM (miles) of fuel you have left.   

The elegance model (the diesel one, I tested) comes with everything as the comfort version. Also, the elegance model has dual climate control for the driver and the front passenger, meaning the driver and the front passenger can have different temperatures in their sitting area. Along with this, the elegance model comes with the Honda connect entertainment system with 7" touch screen, with a various of options of what you want incl. in it, automatic windows front and rear, heated seats, and so much more. You can see a full list of the different model specs here.

The drive

The 1,5 petrol version has some great pick up and a grunt that is very nice. Though my favorite was the 1,6 diesel. This is because this a family car and not a sports car. The 1,6 diesel gives a 25 km/ltr range (70,6 mpg) which is great. It is smooth running and has one of the best diesel engines in the world. There is enough power for some quick overtakes and a quick pick up in speed to get away from the lights. There is very little roll on the corners and it grips to the road very well. It is even fun to drive, as when you want to put your foot down, it responds with a good amount of power without being ridiculous.


The diesel option is the better option in my opinion, with more fuel return and a lower annual tax than the petrol version. Unless you are set on a petrol, then the diesel should really be the only option for this model.  Of course there is a price difference with the petrol starting at 5000 Dkk less than the diesel. Unless you really want to save that 5000 which you would end up paying for in the long run then the diesel is the option you want. 

Overall this car is a pleasure to drive, and very comfortable. I would recommend the 1,6 diesel over the petrol as the fuel return is better and the engine just feels smoother. The Elegance model has everything you need, but if your inclined to, you can upgrade the touch screen to the GPS model. With many options to choose from, this car is one that can find the perfect balance to fit everyone's needs.  

To find out if this car is for you then contact me.



Aperture: 1.7Camera: SM-G950FIso: 80
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