2017 Ford Focus 1,0 ECO boost

2017 Ford Focus 1,0 ECO boost

The 2017 Ford Focus 1,0 ECO boost, is the next inline of the Ford Focus family. First introduced in 1998 the Focus was an instant hit. Since then it has grown to have quite the following. Now nearly 20 years on from the first one, the question is "Is this a car worth having, or is it only for the Focus fans?"

The car

The model I had the pleasure of testing for this review was the 2017 Ford Focus Titanium 1,0 ECO boost. Now many will be put off by the fact that it's a 1 liter engine with 3 cylinders, but don't be fooled, it boasts a 125 bhp and a fuel return of 20,8 km/l (58,7 mpg). For those that want to know more about the technical side click here. This basically means that it has a small and economical engine that provides enough power to pull the car's 1280 kg weight and anything you can put in it, yet still drives fine. For those of us that are a little older, this translates to we get more for less, and that is always a good thing.


The car comes in 4 versions for each engine type,  giving you a total of 100 choices. Well done to Ford for covering all the bases. This car as said before is the Ford Focus titanium 1,0 ECO boost. With that we get a lot of technology; to start with you get a full range of steering wheel controls including phone control, speed limiter, cruise control, and radio controls. The dash board has even more to show in the stylish Ford blue glow, it offers fuel usage, km (miles) to an empty fuel tank, a nice bright green gear shift icon and much more.  In the center you get a touch screen entertainment system, that has GPS, phone (including a text message function), the radio, settings and an apps button. Below that we have the dual climate control a USB slot, and a 12V charging socket.  For a full list click here.   


Lets start at the back, the boot! It has 476 ltrs of space with the rear seats up, and 1502 ltrs of space with the rear seats down. That means, the golf club bag will fit in there along with the children's football bags, and the wife's last minute stop at the supermarket for shopping.  Even then you will still have some space to spare, if you drop the seats you will be able to fit the new flat packed shed from the DIY (do it yourself) shop.  You will also find a 12V charging socket in the boot to charge the laptop or the battery on your electric golf club bag! (I'm not sure if they exists, I don't play golf). 

The rear seats offer ISO fix for the 2 outer seats, and a nice arm rest in the middle that drops down and houses 2 cup holders. That's a nice feature if you're carrying your work colleagues or friends. I don't think the children will appreciate it as much, but then when do children appreciate anything practical!  There is enough leg room for the children and average adult to sit comfortably, though if you are like my good friend M who was with me during this test drive and is a whopping 6"3 (far too tall), you may find yourself somewhat uncomfortable in the rear. If you are unlucky enough to have M sat in the front seat and you're behind him, even if you are small you can say bye bye to leg room. 

The front on the other hand is fantastic for space, even M mentioned how comfortable it is (that coming from a very tall man is impressive). Everything is set out nicely for the drive with the exception of the touch screen, which I found myself leaning to reach. That has nothing to do with my size, as M also said he had the same problem.  What is nice is that between the 2 front seats you get an area that can hold cups, with a removable bottom to allow the big McDonald's cups to fit, or it can transform to be just a holding area for random things. Behind that the arm rest opens and houses, at first a small shelf (that I can not see a use for), and below it, a nice space with a USB port and 12V socket.  

The drive

The drive was somewhat surprising to me, I have to admit I was not expecting a 1,0 ltr 3 cylinder engine to perform so well. The car pulls away from the lights nicely and if you drive it sensibly, you will never feel like the car is lacking. If you put your foot down, as M insisted I did (he is a bad influence on me), you get a very excitingly nice grunt from the engine and a great amount of power. Though it must be noted that it is still a 3 cylinder 1.0 ltr engine, so don't go expecting a rocket. After some nice country and city driving we headed out to the motorway. As soon as we were on, I pushed the pedal to floor in 3rd gear and it roared up to the speed limit in no time at all. Then the old man in me comes out, I set the cruise control and sat back. The engine is quiet and smooth, and with very comfortable seats, I could have sat on the motorway for the rest of the day. 

Perhaps this would not be the best car to sit on the motorway all day every day, but the odd motorway/long distance trip in it should be fine. During the drive my friend M started to mention how it compares to the VW Golf, and how the 2 cars compete. "I am sorry M, I switched off then", I was enjoying the drive in the Focus too much. Though, I do understand why he said that, both cars have a large following of people and have for a long time been 2 cars that have been put up to compete against each other. So I guess I will have to go and find out soon which one is better. 


So to answer my question from the start of the review "Is this a car worth having, or is it only for the Focus fans?" Yes, it is and not only for the Focus fans. Even if you are just going to drive to and from work in it every day, you will do so in comfort and probably with a smile. Normally I would recommend a diesel version of a car, but for the Ford Focus, go for the 1,0 ECO boost engine. The fuel return is great, the power is great, and it is more than sufficient for every type of drive. As for the models there is a lot to choose from, and as prices are so different between the models, including the technology you get, it would be best to see what you really want and/or need and just upgrade from a lesser model. 

I would like to thank my friend M who got the car and allowed me to review it, and of course for his great company and very insightful knowledge (he is a Ford geek).  

Having said that, to find out if this car is for you contact me here.



Ford focus 1,0 eco boost
Ford focus 1,0 eco boost
Ford focus 1,0 eco boost
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