What are we and what do we do?

Private Vehicle Recommendation (PVR) is a subjective recommendation of vehicles tailored to you only, based on your personal likes, dislikes, price range and requirements.
There is a vehicle out there for every price range and requirement, but there are so many choices and information that it has become a maze if not deceiving. To the extent where only the companies with the best advertising will get the customer. This however, is not always the best option for the general customer, nor the cheapest.
This is where PVR looks beyond all this, and will use your personal needs to determine a prioritised list of vehicles that will be the best choice for you only. This means all you have to do is to arrange test drives with the list of vehicles recommended, and possibly try your new perfect vehicle.

The history behind:

I have a military education and 10 years international service history, from the British Royal Air Force within logistics and supply chain, with focus on international transport. Along with a civilian degree in International Logistic Management, and 6 years international civilian work experience. I have a passion for motorised vehicles, and hold all valid road vehicle license categories. I enjoy driving cars and riding motorcycles, to an extent that it has given me an insight that has become useful to others over the years, which is also how PVR came about.
I write reviews on the vehicles I test, as I am always looking to see if there is something better suited for my family’s and my own needs, and upon request I provide a personal recommendation just for you for a set fee depending on your needs.
On a more personal level, I am 5’7 (167cm) tall, married (to a much better me) and have 2 children. This is important information, as my reviews are based on a father, a husband and an inner child thrilled of the excitement of being on the road!
I ride a Yamaha FZ6 S2, whereas my wife drives a Hyundai I10, that replaced her Hyundai I30 when she did not have to commute anymore. Taken the running and maintenance costs into consideration. Though, our needs have changed, so we are looking to acquire a bigger vehicle than both the I10 and I30. I miss my old Mazda 6, but it was too expensive to import when we moved from the UK to Denmark and even more so to have in Denmark, considering the Danish ‘road tax’ and insurance with the steering wheel on the ‘wrong’ side.
Based on my educational background, work experience and having tried to be a single bachelor and now a husband and father of 2 with a passion for motorised vehicles, I understand the difficult choice of choosing the correct vehicle to meet all needs – maybe needs you haven’t even considered yet! – As there are so many out there to consider.
Whether you are a looking for your first vehicle, a family vehicle or a company vehicle, I am here at your service. I will consider all your needs; your budget, your practical needs, the maintenance costs, lifetime span etc.
Feel free to reach out for a non committal chat, by clicking contact. I am here at your service.