What we do!

We take your specific requirements, and extensively search the market for the perfect cars or motorcycles to match your specific needs.  Allowing you to simply try and buy!

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In the beginning Konstantine asked me many questions to make the best possible recommendation. I felt very secure after answering them as I knew he will understand my needs completely. It give me new perspective of what I really need not just what I want. In the end I got many advices about how to purchase a used car and of course a list of cars that fits my needs. Choices were very accurate and helpful.

I thought that we are done and I was already happy with outcome. But it did not end there.

I decide to go and check first car which was mostly recommended and suited my needs and it was nearly perfect car in every aspect. We set up a time and meet with a seller. Konstantine came with me and checked the car inside out with a focus on mostly faulty parts. Everything checked fine so I decide to buy it. All 3 of us went to a seller home so I can change ownership at SKAT. I felt much secure that way. We changed ownership, send money and I was very happy owner of like-new Peugeot.

Whole process took only 5 days which was unbelievable fast, yet professional. Konstantine took a task seriously, gave me an ideas, and help me from the beginning to the end. This service is very good for anyone looking for a new or used car! I do not know much about cars, what to look for, possible mistakes etc. so I was very happy to have someone on my side during this process and personal check especially.

I highly recommend this Konstantine and his services!

Thank you again!


I wanted to buy a new car but rly didnt know any about them. So ofc I asked for my good
friend Konstantines advice. I ended up with ZoOm ZoOm Mazda 3. Reliable and perfect for my standarts. He rly listened to my needs with understanding and I got what I wished for. See you in my back mirror!


Konstantine has recommended the i10 for me. After 30 000 km car still works fine. He also recommended a garage, where I was treated fairly and with respect. Thank you Konstantine.